Vacation Bible School



     Vacation Bible School (held from July 16th - 20th) was a great success this year, thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers, parents and supporters! We had over 60 kids attend, and 30 adults and teenagers taught or helped throughout the week. You are all appreciated! Special thanks go to:
     ~~ Kelly Clement and Alyssa Saccomanno, our co-directors. You did a great job!
     ~~ The LIFE Class for providing and serving dinners each night, and for helping to pay for the tee shirts.
     ~~ Everyone who brought in items in support of our food drive. All donations were delivered to Peter’s Pantry.
     Classes rotate through the Opening Session, Crafts, Bible Lesson, Science, Games, Snacks, and the Closing Session. Bible lessons and stories centered on these truths: God made us, God is for us, God is always with us, God will always love us, and God made us for a reason.
      We asked “What’s so great about Bible School?” Here are some of the answers.
Our kids said….
   ~~ Learning about God! (Jocelyn Deubert, Danny Owens, Amelia Moos, Emma Afflerbach)
   ~~ God loves me. (Olivia Ursino)
   ~~ The games were fun – especially the water games! (Joshua Fischer, Zander Ewan, Cassidy Mollet)
   ~~ I like Pearl! She’s funny. She’s a good inventor. (Parker Spiotto)
   ~~ Singing! (Joseph Ursino, Abby Kelly, Nate Pisarcik, Luke Heritage)
   ~~ We got to make fun things in our craft time. (Annelise Bennett, Max Weaver)
   ~~ I got to spend the week with my grandma! (Roz Brozosky)
   ~~ I got time away from my parents this week. (Justin Deubert)
   ~~ Balancing four of us on chairs during our science time was fun. (Eva Brozosky)
   ~~ Learning how to play hand chimes! (Zack Zook)
   ~~ Everything was fun! (Aiden LoGrande, Gabby Drissel, Matthew Murschell, Tucker Kelly, Rhianna DuBeau)
Our parents said….
   ~~ I love that it brings families from church together in a fun way to learn about God. (Kevin Zook)
   ~~ It's great seeing my daughter so excited to learn about God and really take in all the stories and lessons taught, then retell them to us when she gets home. (Karen Bennett)
Our teachers and helpers said….
   ~~ The kids have been good listeners this week and have followed instructions well. They made some great crafts! (Linda Fischer)
   ~~ I loved my class this year. (Linda LoGrande)
   ~~ The food. (Cole Valente)
   ~~ Getting drenched during the water games. (Ryan Reuter)
   ~~ One of the kids told me I was the best story-teller! (Pearl E. Gates)
   ~~ I was very impressed with how quickly the kids learned The Lord’s Prayer this year. And it was great having lots of new kids. (Kelly Clement)
   ~~ The kids really enjoyed the week! Everything ran smoothly and they learned a lot. (Alyssa Saccomanno)
Thanks to everyone who came this week!